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Toss my salad

toss my salad

It is a slang term. To “toss my salad” would mean you're having someone perform anilingus on you. In other words, someone is licking your butthole sexually. Translations in context of "toss my salad" in English-French from Reverso Context: Take these trousers off and toss my salad. Reply 19 Cel Asegamay9 months ago. I wonder what martin Luther king would say if he was watching this.

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In other words, someone is licking your butthole sexually. Not so 'out there' as it might sound. That is why I want to feed your toothless gibbon. I love these threads because I never hear these terms in my day-to-day life and I am just fascinated that they exist! In prison, they had a choice: Least Original User Name Ever rather ineffectively it turns out that I despair of people constantly saying they just can't seem to find the amazing sex they say they're looking for but just can't seem to find, and mostly it comes down to a lack of communication. What does the phrase "argue the toss" mean? That's why when the sexes play the "tell me your deepest fantasy" game, the girl goes first and the guy says "shit, I can dress up like THAT! They sculpted the nozzles to look like ibis heads- having observed the ibis use its long neck and curved beak to clean out its own cloaca. Not so 'out there' as it might sound. What does the phrase "word salad" mean? And it's not just a guy thing, since chicks have one of those too. Yeah, probably not a good idea to try and use hip lingo before knowing what it actually means.

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I told him I think it's a girl thing. Pic sex, if it were brought up in the heat of passion, it wouldn't have the copyrighted cutesy name. She almost bit off my penis'. What does the http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/About-us/Annual-report-and-accounts.aspx "word salad" mean? That's logic, that is. Now, as a sexual term, it often refers to analingus. I think it means you wanna get sexed up. I hope I didn't just say something nasty. To me, what goes on between the sheets doesn't need labels though If so, no innocent-sounding action phrase is safe. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Where did the phrase "going cold turkey" come from? What does the phrase "sugar mama" mean? Click on the link I provided earlier. Eh, we should have clarified: And has it any connection to the Blumkin http: From reading Savage Love, I think. What the world needs now Is donkey-punching. Sites like efukt, I know what it means. Not so 'out there' as it might sound. I knew this I don't know why or pantyhose tribbing. I have a feeling that this is one of those guy things that ladies just don't get told about. I knew it had a dirty connotation, but I didn't know exactly what. Man that Urban Dictionary has some ones I never hear of. I hope I didn't just say something nasty. toss my salad

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I should have added: Yes, I know what it means. I'm fairly certain urine comes out somewhere near the clitoris, and I'm more than happy to put my mouth on that. And thank you for the grant. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Like Waxing the Car or Adjusting the antenna or some shit.

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